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TitleNovel Heart Disease Imaging Through Artificial Intelligence

Non-invasive imaging has been continuously used for disease diagnosis and monitoring. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Polarization-Sensitive OCT (PS-OCT) are novel imaging modalities that enable non-invasive imaging of different tissues in vivo to assess any abnormalities in the tissues. Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to better analyse OCT and PS-OCT images is one of the key aspects of clinical diagnosis. This scholarship opportunity will be allocated to a PhD student to investigate the application of AI to diagnose heart disease with OCT and PS-OCT imaging techniques.

The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in advancing the intersection of medicine, technology, and artificial intelligence to develop innovative imaging techniques for the early detection and accurate diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. The project will involve the integration of OCT and PS-OCT technologies, leveraging computational methods and AI algorithms to enhance the precision and efficiency of diagnostic processes.

Requirements for this scholarship include a demonstrable background in medicine, AI, and engineering, with a specific emphasis on candidates who have engaged in impactful research or possess an honors degree in these disciplines. Additionally, a solid foundation in computer science is deemed essential for the successful execution of the research project.

Opportunity statusOpen
Open date30 Jan 2024
Close date16 Mar 2024
Research areaEngineering
Health Sciences
Biomedical and Clinical Sciences

This stipend scholarships is designated for domestic students only

Citizenship statusDomestic
Enrolment statusFuture student
Current student
How to apply

In the first instance, please contact:

Dr Hadi Afsharan email; or

Professor Girish Dwivedi email; or

Assoc. Prof Barry Cense email


Professor Girish Dwivedi email; or

Assoc. Prof Barry Cense email; or

Hadi Afsharan email

Scholarship details
Scholarship typeStipend scholarship
Scholarship valueAUD $35000
SchoolSchool of Engineering
Course typeDoctorates