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TitleSide-by-side operations for offshore hydrogen
CourseDoctor of Philosophy

Scholarship: stipend of AUD$42,000 per annum 

Background of this project:

An extensive wave basin testing for two floating bodies in proximity has been completed, producing high quality data. The results of this study can be widely applied to various offshore operations, such as Offshore Hydrogen/ammonia Terminals, walk-to-work operations, offshore wind maintenance, etc. Further, full scale field data is currently being measured.

 This project will interpret both the lab and field measured data, to better understand the key nonlinear physics involved in multiple body interactions, and to investigate the scaling effect from lab scale to the full-scale field scenario. 

This project provides a unique opportunity to close the loop in design, leading to the economically viable development of offshore renewables. One of the aims is to propose a method to estimate the damping coefficient on gap resonances, leading to a design/operational guideline in collaboration with industry partners.

KeywordsMarine Renewable Energy, Side-by-side operations, design guideline, gap resonance
Opportunity statusOpen
Open date28 Nov 2023
Close date01 Jul 2024
How to apply

Contact Dr Wenhua Zhao (wenhua.zhao@uwa.edu.au )


Dr Wenhua Zhao (wenhua.zhao@uwa.edu.au )

Scholarship details
Scholarship typeStipend scholarship
Scholarship valueAUD $42,000
Scholarship details
Scholarship typeTuition fee scholarship
SchoolOceans Graduate School
Course typeDoctorates