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TitleStructural health monitoring for steel tubular joints
CourseDoctor of Philosophy
Project opportunityStructural health monitoring for steel tubular joints

Your contribution will play a crucial role in the $3.2M Structural Health Monitoring for Steel Tubular Joints project, a collaboration with Fuze Group Pty Ltd and funded by The Sovereign Manufacturing Automation for Composites Cooperative Research Centre (The SoMAC CRC). 


The objective of this project is to examine the structural performance of corroded tubular structural joints strengthened with fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP), employing solutions provided by structural health monitoring (SHM).


The project aims to overcome certain limitations of SHM, enabling its effective implementation in offshore structures and thereby enhancing their safety and reliability. Moreover, the project aims to develop acceptance criteria for field repairs using composite materials and establish protocols for in-service inspections and also explore the optimal resin systems for bonding to metallic structures.


Prospective PhD candidates with expertise in the design, utilisation, and examination of fibre-reinforced polymers; structural health monitoring - encompassing sensor selection, sensor placement, system configuration, data analysis; corrosion and accelerated life testing; as well as numerical modelling for both materials and structural behaviour, are encouraged to submit their applications.

Keywordssteel structures
fibre-reinforced polymers
structural health monitoring
corrosion and accelerated life testing
numerical modelling
Opportunity statusClosed
Open date20 Oct 2023
Close date24 Nov 2023
Research areaEngineering

To be accepted an applicant must demonstrate that they have sufficient background and experience in independent supervised research to successfully complete a PhD as per the standard UWA admission requirements for HDR courses, outlined on this page.

Citizenship statusDomestic
Enrolment statusFuture student
Current student
How to apply

To apply for this scholarship please click on the Doctor of Philosophy link at the top of this page and hit 'Enquire Here'. 


To learn more about this opportunity, contact Assoc Prof Farhad Aslani - email | profile.


Scholarship details
Scholarship typeStipend scholarship
Scholarship valueAUD $35,000pa
SchoolSchool of Engineering
Course typeDoctorates