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Title Understanding the Educational & Support Needs of Parents During the Pre-Teen Years
SupervisorA/Pro Susan Young
CourseDoctor of Philosophy
Keywordsparenting, pre-teen, support and educational needs, social work, policy
Research areaHealth Sciences
Project description

 Understanding the Educational Needs of Parents During the Pre-Teen Years

The pre-teen years (10-12 years) are a phase of rapid change before the increased independence of adolescence. Along with developmental change, pre-teens are navigating an increasingly complex world with social, emotional, digital, and educational challenges. While there has been significant investment in early years parenting (0-3 years), there is a considerable gap in parenting support and education available once children reach school age. Of note, there is a gap in the literature about the rapidly changing developmental needs of contemporary pre-teens as a distinct phase in childhood development and even less focus on the educational needs of parents during this specific time. This research project will explore the support and educational needs of parents of pre-teens in Western Australia. This will involve an initial scoping review. 

The project will be developed with the successful applicant around the above project outline. 

Opportunity statusOpen
Open date05 Jun 2024
Funding source

Applicants are encouraged to apply for a RTP Scholarship in UWA's Domestic Scholarship Round.  Please visit the GRS Research Scholarships page for information on opening dates and how to apply.  

Value: $35,000 per annum

SchoolGraduate Research School

susan.young@uwa.edu.au - Principal Supervisor

Katie Carter - Adjunct 

Specific project requirement

In addition to meeting the UWA requirements for entrance into a PhD program, a qualifying degree in social work or another aligned allied health discipline is highly desirable.Practice experience in the area is also of value in this project.

Course typeDoctorates

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a program of independent, supervised research that is assessed solely on the basis of a thesis, sometimes including a creative work component, that is examined externally. The work presented for a PhD must be a substantial and original contribution to scholarship, demonstrating mastery of the subject of interest as well as an advance in that field of knowledge. 

Visit the course webpage for full details of this course including admission requirements, course rules and the relevant CRICOS code/s.

Duration4 years


School of Social Work & Social Policy 

Please contact Dr Katie Carter - katie.carter@uwa.edu.au

Applicants are sought all year round. Please note that applications for scholarships are a separate process.