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TitleSea Around Us - Indian Ocean PhD projects
SupervisorProf Dirk Zeller
CourseDoctor of Philosophy
Keywordsfisheries science, including stock assessment
fisheries economics
marine conservation
seafood nutritional science
seafood trade
Project description

Are you a highly motivated individual with a passion for fisheries, marine conservation, nutritional science or resource economics, and a drive to address large challenges in fisheries and ocean resource science?

If so, an exciting opportunity awaits you in the Sea Around Us – Indian Ocean, led by Professor Dirk Zeller, who is actively seeking highly motivated and productive thinkers to undertake their PhD.

Topics (not exclusive) include: 

fisheries science

fisheries conservation

fisheries economics

data-limited stock assessment

seafood nutritional science

large pelagic species

coral reef fisheries

small-scale fisheries

shark conservation

marine conservation science at the ocean-basin and global scale.

Individuals with a keen interest in the above are highly encouraged to apply. If you have slightly different interest that do intersect with the above broad scope of marine conservation and fisheries science, please also consider applying. 

Interested candidates will need to obtain a scholarship to support their PhD. UWA offers a number of competitive PhD scholarships each year to both domestic (Australian) and international candidates.

Opportunity statusOpen
Open date25 Mar 2024
Close date25 Mar 2025
SchoolGraduate Research School

Prof Dirk Zeller | research profile | email

Course typeDoctorates

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a program of independent, supervised research that is assessed solely on the basis of a thesis, sometimes including a creative work component, that is examined externally. The work presented for a PhD must be a substantial and original contribution to scholarship, demonstrating mastery of the subject of interest as well as an advance in that field of knowledge. 

Visit the course webpage for full details of this course including admission requirements, course rules and the relevant CRICOS code/s.

Duration4 years


Sea Around Us - Indian Ocean PhD projects