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TitleGenome-editing for durable disease resistance in crops
SupervisorProf Jacqueline Batley
Research areaBiological Sciences
Project description

The deployment of genetic resistance, mediated by resistance genes, is the most sustainable management strategy to prevent disease epidemics. Combining multiple resistance genes in one cultivar has been considered an effective strategy to maintain their effectiveness, leading to durable disease resistance. However, current approaches for creating durable disease resistance in crops are hindered by practical and biological limitations. This project will employ genome editing using CRISPR-Cas systems to overcome these challenges in engineering disease resistance in plants. A recent advancement in this technology, called multiplex CRISPR-Cas, allows for the simultaneous editing of different genes, which has the potential to improve disease resistance. This project has the potential to accelerate the development of durable disease-resistant crop varieties as a key sustainable strategy to prevent disease epidemics, thereby enhancing crop production. Moreover, the knowledge gained from this project will contribute to a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in disease resistance, enabling crop scientists to design better cultivars to meet the requirements of the growing population.

Opportunity statusOpen
Open date01 Jan 2024
Close date31 Dec 2025
Funding source

Australian Research Council and Grain Research Development Corporation

SchoolSchool of Biological Sciences

Prof Jacqueline Batley -  email  |  research profile

Specific project requirement

Molecular biology, genomics, genetic transformation skills.

Additional information

Research students at all levels (Honours, Masters and Doctoral) are sought to work on this project.

Please email Prof Jacqueline Batley in the first instance, with the following documents:

  • a cover letter outlining your suitability for the position; and
  • a copy of your academic transcript; and
  • a resume that includes your contact details and two referees.
Course typeDoctorates