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TitleGenomics of plant pathogen interactions
SupervisorProf Jacqueline Batley
Research areaBiological Sciences
Project description

Research on the interactions between plants and pathogens has become one of the most rapidly moving fields in the plant sciences, findings of which have contributed to the development of new strategies and technologies for crop protection. A good example of plant and pathogen evolution is the gene-for-gene interaction between the fungal pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans, causal agent of Blackleg disease, and Brassica crops (canola, mustard, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts). The newly available genome sequences for Brassica spp. and L. maculans provide the resources to study the co-evolution of this plant and pathogen. The aim of this project is to use next generation sequencing technologies to characterise the diversity and evolution of these genes in different wild and cultivated Brassica species. This will involve phenotypic analysis of the disease in a variety of cultivars and species and association genetics to link to the phenotype.

Opportunity statusOpen
Open date01 Jan 2024
Close date31 Dec 2025
Funding source

Australian Research Council

SchoolSchool of Biological Sciences

Prof Jacqueline Batley -  email  research profile

Specific project requirement

Molecular biology, genomics, plant pathology and genetic skills.

Additional information

Research students at all levels (Honours, Masters and Doctoral) are sought to work on this project.

Please contact Prof Jacqueline Batley in the first instance, with the following documents:

  • a cover letter outlining your suitability for the position; and
  • a copy of your academic transcript; and
  • a resume that includes your contact details and two referees.
Course typeDoctorates