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TitleDendronised polymers for mRNA delivery
SupervisorDr Jessica Kretzmann
Dr Killugudi Swaminatha Iyer
Dr Marck Norret
Dr Cameron Evans
Keywordspolymers, dendrimers, mRNA, gene delivery
Research areaChemical Sciences
Biological Sciences
Project description

Dendrimers are a subclass of synthetic polymers, which possess a highly ordered and defined branched structure, contrary to the randomness of classic synthetic polymers. The synthetic strategies towards dendrimers, allows for a very high degree of control over aspects such as size, surface charge and functionality, which in turn has been utilised to fine-tune desired properties within areas such as materials science and, in particular, drug and gene delivery. Our approach has expanded on the traditional dendrimer morphology, which is globular, to incorporate the defined branches into a linear polymer backbone, which we have shown to improve the drug delivery potential, in areas such as DNA delivery, compared to commercial strategies.

The project involves use of different polymerisation techniques for synthesis of well-defined linear polymers and the synthesis of various dendrons for grafting onto the polymer backbones. Different end uses, such as catalysis, drug and gene delivery will be pursued through careful dendron design. Techniques which will be employed, apart from synthetic strategies, are imaging, including high resolution, cell culture work and general analytical techniques. The candidate will also have the opportunity to apply the dendronized polymer systems in mRNA CAR-T cell therapy applications, with collaborator Prof Michael Edel at the University of Barcelona.

Opportunity statusOpen
Open date01 Sep 2023
Close date31 Oct 2024
Funding source

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SchoolSchool of Molecular Sciences

Dr Jessica Kretzman - profile | email

Course typeDoctorates

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Duration4 years


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